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The Expander Repellent: Stretch Mark Treatments

The skin is stretched further than it’s used to in a short period time, the elastic fibers in skin can tear. This stretching can happen during pregnancy or adolescence. These damaged areas create long and fine scars called stretch mark. They may occur as pink, red or violet streaks.

As Miaclinics, we offer long-termed solutions to the stretch marks with the latest technology devices.

What Does Stretch Mark Mean?

Stretch marks occur when the skin is pulled through fast growing or stretching. Despite skin elasticity, the protein structure in the connective tissue may be discomposed as a result of excessive stretching. As a result, collagen production breaks down and stretch marks occur.  They are common in females, but males can get them, too.

There are many stretch mark types. They can be two main stage classifications based on their formation and appearance; pink or red marks called striae rubrae and white marks called striae albae. The other type such as stretch mark pregnancy is called striae gravidarum.

Stretch marks on legs are common. And they may present on breasts, hips and butts as well.

What is the Cause of Stretch Marks?

Stretch mark causes are variable. It can be hormonal or may be caused by an increase of cortisone level in your body. For more information on the causes of cortisone variability, please check our blog post.

Stretch marks are common in certain circumstances, such as:

  • Weight gain
  • Pregnancy
  • Medication
  • Medical conditions

So, are they permanent? Although stretch marks are permanent, it is possible to make them less noticeable with an effective treatment method.

What are the Stretch Mark Treatment Methods?

These methods are classified as a noninvasive treatment, which means that no surgical incisions are used. This makes recovery time much more rapid than surgery.

Micro needling and radio frequency are the two main stretch mark treatments. These treatments trigger the collagen and reduce the stretch mark appearance.

What Should Be Considered After Treatment?

  • Don’t have any shower, hot shower or sauna for 24 hours.
  • Don’t expose to sun for 2 months. Use sunscreen 50+ SPF.
  • Don’t apply whitening peeling cream to the area for 3 months.

How Long Does Stretch Mark Removal Last?

Regarding the stretch marks and duration you may need 3-8 sessions.

How Much Do Stretch Mark Treatment Cost?

The price for stretch marks is variable. The price varies depending on the structure of the skin and the condition of the patient, the overall condition and density of the stretch marks. And the number of sessions will also effective on prices.

Get detailed information about the treatments you need and the prices, please contact us.

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