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Profound Rf Face

Non-Surgical Facelift 

The naturally inclined sagging structure of the face causes a worn and disproportionate appearance with increasing age. Removing this appearance and creating thinning in the fat tissue makes the person look younger.It is possible to improve collagen loss and sagging in the face area with non-surgical methods.

As MiaClinics, we offer successful results in a single session with Profound needle radiofrequency treatment which is a product of new generation technologies. With this treatment, which doesn’t require any surgical procedure, ideal results are obtained.

What Is The Non-Surgical Facelift ?

Nonsurgical facelift process increases the production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen that make the skin look healthy and young. You can get distinguishable results in a single session with Profound RF.

Nonsurgical facelift is an application that renews skin from inside. This technological invention selected by MyFaceMyBody, one of the prestigious award program of the USA and selected as “New Treatment of the Year” by Global Aesthetics awards in 2018.

Profound RF is an FDA-cleared, minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure for the face .It combines radio-frequency with microneedling to tighten loose skin, add volume, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging by production of hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen, the building blocks that keep skin firm and elastic.

Profound RF nonsurgical facelift high and selective radiofrequency energy, wrinkles and prolapse eliminate without damaging the integrity of the skin. Profound RF facelift which aims to rejuvenate the skin can be applied to the lower face, cheeks, around the mouth, jaw line, jowls and on the neck area.


How Nonsurgical Facelift Works?

Via micro needles the thermal energy given under skin and it stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which are the 3 main elements of skin. Thus, it accelerates the natural healing process of the body by awakening the slowing regeneration process.  

Profound RF combines micro-needling and radio-frequency technologies for an advanced tightening and rejuvenation effect.

How Does Nonsurgical Necklift Works?

One of the first areas where signs of aging manifest itself is the neck. It is possible to achieve younger appearance with the treatments applied to the face area. However, wrinkles and sagging may not be improved enough by these procedures. Thread lifting process, which can be successfully applied in the face area is not suitable for the neck zone.

At this point, Profound RF procedure stands out as an ideal treatment method. Profound RF neck area can be possible application, especially in people who are in the 30-40s age range or older patients who don’t want a surgical procedure. We should keep in mind that it is possible to reach %30-40 of results when compared with a surgical procedure. In single session, the neck region tightening  is visibly provided.

How Nonsurgical Facelift will act on Nasolabial Folds?

Nasolabial folds are the line descending from corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth also known as smile lines. Its depth tends to increase over the years and with age. The line depth shows itself as a result of the total sagging of the face, but usually it is told to be the main problem of the face. Actually it is the visible part of the ice mountain. For this reason, treatments focus only on the nasolabial region, does not address the main problem. Profound RF technology sustainably repairs the nasolabial line depth by applying a holistic treatment to the face.

Nasolabial fillers reduce the nasolabial line but can lead to an appearance called Cat Face or Monkey Face. In people with to much filler on this area may result with the prominent mouth zone. Profound RF tighten up face from the cheek line upwards and provides natural appearance. As a result of the holistic approach Marionette lines are also reduced, which are the continuation of the nasolabial line and make a sad expression around the mouth.

What Happens during a Non-Surgical Facelift  Treatment?

Each treatment begins with an injection of local anesthesia (tumescent anesthesia) to numb the treatment area. Then the specialist doctor presses the handheld device into your skin, and the disposable cartridge generates heat while 12 micro needles create tiny injuries in your dermis. The needles deliver the radio frequency energy to the depth where the maximum regenerative response can take place, heating the tissue to 67 degrees for 3 seconds, without damaging the outer layer of skin. A session can take 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Is Non-Surgical Facelift  Safe?

Profound RF uses heat energy to lift skin, reduce wrinkles and yield a tightened skin. Profound RF side effects are temporary and secondary to thermal energy given by the device. This energy stimulates the subcutaneous tissues and bruising, swelling, edema, redness, dryness and scaling can be seen during the regeneration period. The treated area will be swollen, red, and possibly bruised. The swelling often gets worse for a few days before it gets better. These effects are a natural part of the process and disappear within 1-2 weeks.  Profound RF technology is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certificated Non-Surgical Facelift treatment. Insulated needle technology used in Profound RF device the epidermis layer is protected from heat throughout the procedure. Insulated needle which is not available in other RF technology device gives the advantage of tissue temperature  measurement that makes Profound RF treatment reliable and privileged. Thus, it can be applied even on dark skin types like Type-4 and Type-5 patients. Unlike monopolar energy Profound micro needles with 2-3 mm. depth bipolar energy. It does not damage the tissue by fixing it in depth. In addition Profound RF reviews are quite positive and affirmative.

What Is The Difference of Profound RF Treatments from Other Methods?

  • Nonsurgical facelift revs up your cell turnover to generate up to five times (5X) more elastin and double the rate of new collagen production, while boosting your skin’s production of hyaluronic acid and restructures all the components needed by the skin renewal.
  • Profound RF is safe and effective for all skin types (Skin Type 1-5) and tones because it targets the skin’s deeper layer with precise temperature control, reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation
  • Nonsurgical facelift treatment is a minimally invasive procedure, gives in a single session the opportunity to reach %30-40 of the results obtained from operations with short recovery time (1-3 hours).
  • Profound RF activates the self-repair process of the tissue by stimulating reticular dermis instead of an external intervention as in surgical procedures.
  • Profound RF treatment is completed quickly and comfortably by applying only local anesthesia.
  • Compared to many other lifting methods it is possible to get results in a short period of 1-5 months with Profound RF.

Who Is Suitable for Profound RF Treatment?

Especially people who are in the 30-40s age range or older patients who don’t want a surgical procedure. We should keep in mind that it is possible to reach %30-40 of results when compared with a surgical procedure.

Profound RF dermal results are quite effective even for chubby face types.While the radio frequency energy creates face slimming, at the same time it removes the sagging in the skin without surgery. This nonsurgical facelift procedure repairs the deterioration of the jowl which is one of the earliest signs of aging at a noticeable level in a single session. As a result of the improvement and recovery effect, the person will look 3-5 years younger.

Who Is Not Suitable for Profound RF Treatment?

Profound RF treatment is not suitable for people with permanent filling and silicone filling, impaired wound healing and diseases such as keloid and hypertrophic scar.


When do I receive the results of Nonsurgical Facelift treatment?

Some people start to see results from a single treatment as new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid forms, but It takes an average of 3-6 months to see the first results. However, repair and improvement in the skin continues for 1-1.5 years. Both results of the procedure and the permanence take totally 2-3 years.


Which areas does Profound RF affect better on my face?

It is especially effective in the lower face area. At the same time, successful results are obtained jowl, jaw line, chin contour and in the region known as neck area in men. Around eyes and forehead is a bony area. Profound RF under eyes and bony areas on the face not suitable. Since the device uses high power energy it is not offered as an effective treatment in these areas.

Will I feel pain during the procedure?

Nonsurgical facelift procedure performed with local anesthesia is completely painless. Local anesthesia is applied with mesotherapy needles used during preparation for the procedure. It is normal to feel pain during this time. In people with a low pain threshold it is possible to greatly reduce this process with nitric oxide gas (laughing gas).

What does Non-Surgical Facelift  cost?

Your cost will depend on the experience level of your provider, their practice location, and the size of the treatment area. Profound RF microneedling cost depends on the application area, it is as 2000 USD for one region.

How long does Non-Surgical Facelift process take?

Preparation phase in treatments including face, neck and jowl which includes the application of local anesthesia, takes 1-1.5 hours. And the time allocated for procedure takes 2 hours.

What are the points that I need to consider during Non-Surgical Facelift healing period?

For the first 24 hours in Profound RF aftercare procedure, treatment area should not be contacted with any water. Especially healing process in the first weeks anti-inflammatory drugs should not be used, because they relieve inflammation caused by treatment. Profound RF healing process inflammation is an expected result for healing and regeneration process of area. In treatments involving the lip edge, herpes prophylaxis treatment should be applied for 3-5 days. Edema and swelling on the face for a week is an expected result. The person should be prepared for this situation.

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