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Balance Your Color: Pigmentation Treatments

Skin color disorders are kind of blemishes that may be seen in all skin types and conducive an unwanted skin appearance. This appearance, which causes in skin tone, can occur in different types of skin pigmentation disorders.

If you have types of skin pigmentation disorders such as melasma, age and sun spots, hyperpigmentation and acne spots, you can restore your skin to a healthier and younger appearance with the reliable methods we apply.

What Does Pigmentation Mean?

Pigmentation means aging of the skin and tissue damage as consequent of UV lights, increasing age and reduction in collagen production. Skin pigmentation disorders change the color of your skin by affecting the cells that produce melanin. This negative effect can be on the face or in other parts of the body.

As Miaclinics, safe and effective treatments we apply, focus on the skin damage and give you a younger and smoother skin.

What are the Different Types of Pigmentation?

The most common types of hyperpigmentation are as follows: melasma, age spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, freckles and liver spots.

Whatever type of pigmentation, it affects over 80% of humans throughout their lives. Each treatment protocol is determined by the type of skin pigmentation on face

How to Get Rid of Pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation treatment that peels the upper skin layer results with temporary solution. Since the underlying skin is more vulnerable to UV lights or environmental factors, pigmentation may relapse. Treatments which protect the integrity of the upper skin and give a trigger for rejuvenation are better options.

What are the Types of Pigmentation Treatment?

Pigmentation is a common skin disorder, and a number of different treatment options exist. For the choice between these options, you need to consider what outcomes you are expecting from the treatments.

As Miaclinics, we offer reliable, long-term and effective treatments such as:

  • Plasma therapy
  • Radiofrequency microneedling
  • Pigmentation mesotherapy

What are the Benefits of Skin Pigmentation Treatment?

  • Smooth skin
  • Fresh looking face
  • Balanced skin color
  • Tightened skin

You can achieve all these results without surgery.

Is There Any Side Effects?

Most of the side effects are temporary like redness, bruising, dryness and peeling. It is secondary to skin rejuvenation.

For the patients who have permanent or silicon filler the radiofrequency treatment is not applicable. If you have impaired wound healing like keloid or hypertrophic scar some treatments may not be applied.

How Much Does Pigmentation Treatment Cost?

The treatments with less sessions are more expensive. The treatments with many sessions are more affordable.

If you are ready to do something about your skin discoloration, please contact us for customized and book your free consultation with our medical specialists.




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