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Neck Lift

Reduce Excess View: Neck Lift Treatments

One of the first areas where signs of aging manifest itself is the neck. It is possible to achieve younger appearance with the treatments applied to the face area. However, wrinkles and sagging may not be improved enough by these procedures. Thread lifting process, which can be successfully applied in the face area is not suitable for the neck zone.

The weakening of the connective tissue and constriction of the muscles below the skin are leading to wrinkles. As a result of this situation, which shows that collagen and elastin do not work optimally, wrinkles occur in the neck area. Neck lift treatments aim to fix this appearance and create a properly functioning skin texture.

What is a neck lift?

Neck lift treatments that Miaclinics uses are non-surgical. Non surgical neck lift improves visible signs of aging in the jawline and neck. The skin on the neck is intended to continue to act as a protecting layer and this natural structure should be protected after the treatment. When we move and express ourselves, this natural structure provides a support layer.

These treatments are effective on many problems, such as excess skin and fat around jaw line and turkey wattle neck. So, what happens to excess skin when only the deeper layer is treated and no skin is excised? After neck lift treatments skin remodeling is induced, tightening on the skin layers is expected.

What is involved in a neck lift procedure?

Profound RF procedure stands out as an ideal treatment method. Profound RF neck area can be possible application, especially in people who are in the 30-40s age range or older patients who don’t want a surgical procedure. We should keep in mind that it is possible to reach %30-40 of results when compared with a surgical procedure. In single session, the neck region tightening is visibly provided.

Morpheus 8 procedure is more affordable 3 session treatment for neck rejuvenation and lifting. Even in one session you will see visible improvement on your neck area.

Profound and Morpheus 8 treatments are the latest technology FDA approved skin tightening methods. These both radio frequency microneedling treatments that tighten the skin are the best option for neck lifting.

How long does neck lift recovery time?

After a minimal invasive radio frequency micro needling treatment you may have one week down time. Bruising and swelling will disappear in this period.

Who is a good candidate for neck lift treatment?

Patients between 30-50 years are the best candidate for this treatment. After 60 years old surgical treatments may be introduced.

What to expect after neck lift?

Non-surgical procedures provide around 30-40% improvement and lifting when compared to a neck lift surgery.

How much does neck lift cost?

The costs of a neck lift depend on the treatment you will choose. If you want to have a younger and smooth neckline, please contact us and get an appointment.




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