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Morpheus 8 Body

Morpheus 8: Cellulite Reduction and Body Tightening

Morpheus 8® treatment is the latest technology FDA approved radio frequency micro needling system. With its isolated needles it delivers the radio frequency energy just in the target skin layer, while protecting the integrity of the upper skin layer. Regarding the treatment cause the needles may be adjusted to the 1-7 mm depth on the skin layer. 

Which Body Conditions are Treated with Morpheus 8®?

  • Cellulite
  • Stretch-mark
  • Arm Tightening
  • Decolletage Rejuvenation
  • Tummy Tightening
  • Inner/Outer Thigh Tightening
  • Around Knee Sagging
  • Hand Rejuvenation


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Morpheus 8® is usually a 2-3 sessions treatment. The minimum interval between sessions supposed to be 4-6 weeks. Regarding your age, skin type, skin quality and the level of your skin conditions, total treatment sessions may be planned by a medical doctor.

When Will I See the Results?

Radio frequency energy systems are investment to our skin. Starting from 4 weeks after treatment collagen production will be induced. The effect will be visible on 2-3 months after the treatment. The improvements will continue up to 6 months.

How Does It Work?

Morpheus 8® combines micro-needling and radio-frequency technologies for an advanced tightening and rejuvenation effect. Via micro needles the thermal energy given under skin and it stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which are the 3 main elements of skin. Thus, it accelerates the natural healing process of the body by awakening the slowing regeneration process. 

Morpheus 8® needle depth varies according to the application area. With this treatment, which doesn’t require any surgical procedure, ideal results are obtained with a safe and minimally painful application. Morpheus 8® non-surgical procedure in all body rejuvenation.

What Are Side Effects and Morpheus 8® Risks?

Morpheus 8® uses heat energy to lift skin, reduce wrinkles and yield a tightened skin. Morpheus 8® side effects are temporary and secondary to thermal energy given by the device. This energy stimulates the subcutaneous tissues and bruising, swelling, edema, redness, dryness and scaling can be seen during the regeneration period. The treated area will be swollen, red, and possibly bruised. These effects are a natural part of the process and disappear within 1 week.

Is Morpheus 8® Safe?

Morpheus 8® technology is a scientifically proven method with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certificate to reduce wrinkles, stimulate and regenerate active connective tissue, elastin, hyaluronic acid production. Insulated needle technology used in Morpheus 8® device the epidermis layer is protected from heat throughout the procedure. Insulated needle which is not available in other RF technology device makes Morpheus 8® treatment reliable and privileged. Thus, it can be applied even on dark skin types like Type-4 and Type-5 patients.  In addition Morpheus 8® reviews are quite positive and affirmative.

What Is The Difference of Morpheus 8® Treatment?

  • Morpheus8 is a noninvasive procedure that’s safe for all skin tones, with little to no risk of hy
  • Treatments can be performed on anybody area and used to treat a wide range of skin con
  • Morpheus8 treatments are quick, noninvasive, and relatively painless (with numbing cream or local anesthesia).

Who Is Suitable for Morpheus 8® Treatment?

Morpheus 8® is suitable for anyone and who have cellulite, stretch-mark, scarring, wrinkles, spotting and sagging complaints, needing tightening and lifting in any part of the body and who want to reconstruct their skin.

Who Is Not Suitable for Morpheus 8® Treatment?

Morpheus 8® treatment is not suitable for people with permanent filling and silicone filling, impaired wound healing and diseases such as keloid and hypertrophic scar.

 How much Morpheus 8® Cost?

Morpheus 8® costs depends on your area. Regarding your body weight and height total customize price will be given. For costs please text us via WhatsApp or use contact us page.

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