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IV Drips

Cleaned blood from heavy metals and toxins.

Your cells will refresh with glutathione boost

Anti-oxidation treatment for brighter skin color

Immune regulation for a better defence system

Wellness and Skin Drips

Since water is essential component in our body to balance water, vitamin and minerals are  necessary. IV fluids are the fastest way to complete the deficient nutrients and to increase our hydration level. Infusion therapy (IV) is delivering medication or fluids into your bloodstream and administered through a cannula.

Benefits of IV Drips

IV drips and vitamins address our skin glow and brightness as well as wellness of our body. For instance completing deficient minerals will give us higher energy or getting anti oxidants with IV drips will help our body to fight with free radicals and oxidants.  With IV fluid we can detoxify our liver and whole body from heavy metals and air pollutants.

  1. Pain relief
  2. Boost of energy
  3. Skin glow
  4. Fresh feeling
  5. Anti stress
  6. Elevated mood
  7. Improvement cognitive health
  8. Detoxification

Review the details of this miraculous therapy to choose the right methods, or taking the free consultation right now and take the first step for transformation in your life.

What is IV Drip Used for?

IV drips acts as a shield against environmental factors caused by urban life. Air pollution, heavy metal accumulation in our body can be eliminated by wellness therapy.

Antioxidants protects our cells from harmful effects. Antioxidants produced by cells may be decrease due to some factors, such as malnutrition, toxins, stress and age.

How Does Wellness Drip Work?

Our dietary habits and the sun level in the countries we live may drop our vitamin B and D levels. Patients who live low sun expose countries need to get extra vitamin D.

Vegetarian type of nutrition will cause low B12 level which effect our memory. With vitamin D or B12 shots we can complete this deficiency.

After the age of 30s production of the antioxidants in our body may not be enough and need to be completed externally.

What Does Skin Drips Do?

Micronutrients like vitamin C, glutathione, vitamin D or B12 are necessary to build collagen structure. Supply of this vitamins provide a glowing skin.

Vitamins are important mediator for many biochemical reactions in the body. For example around 400 reactions are supported by vitamin C. It plays an important role in melanin synthesis which determines our hair and skin color.

Glutathione skin benefits is also very common use. It will lighten your skin. After glutathione treatment you feel that your skin is shining and bright.

Is There Any Side Effects of IV Drips?

IV drip does not have any specific side effect. It acts like a vitamin or mineral supplement.

Patients with specific chronic illnesses should inform their physician for it.

How IV Drips Are Applied?

IV drips are applied in IV route in around 45-60 minutes. Some drips need to be covered and protected from daylight.

What is the cost of IV Drip?

The cost for IV drip depends on the treatment you choose. The pricing for IV drips is done per one session. For cost please contact our clinic.

High Dose Vitamin C

It is a powerful antioxidant and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin C function plays an important role in collagen synthesis so it improves the skin color by reducing the melanin synthesis. Vitamin C benefits for stomach diseases like ulcer and reflux.


Glutathione may be considered as one of the option that supports the body to be healthier. It is a reliable treatment solution for many diseases, especially skin problems, autism, liver diseases and insulin resistance.

Beauty Cocktail

Beauty cocktail address your skin with glutathione and vitamin C. Glutathione dosage for skin whitening is 1200 mg. as well.

Libido Boost

It supports a healthier sexual life. Improves fertility and decreases the resistance in the body.

Myers Cocktail

Improves mood, energy level, vitality and memory.

Signature Cocktail

It provides mental and physical recovery for exhaustion after meeting and travels.

Detox & Anti-stress Formula

Replenish deficient mineral and vitamin supplement for relaxation and anxiety. It includes the relaxation mineral magnesium.

B-Complex Booster

Anti-aging effect by reducing free radicals.

B12 Shot

It’s helpful for memory and it’s given by injection into a muscle as directed by your doctor.

NAD+ IV Therapy

NAD+ IV Therapy is a powerful treatment that targets a wide range of age-related symptoms, offering remarkable benefits in combating the effects of aging.


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