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Hand Renewal

Hand Renewal: Are They Revealing Your Age?

Hands have as sensitive skin surface as the face. So, it may change associated your age. As the age progresses, the loss of adipose tissue increases and the hands become skinny. Exposure to UV lights causes age spots.

Do you wonder, how to make hands soft and wrinkle free?

As Miaclinics, we provide more voluminous, flexible and youthful skin texture with our hand renewal treatments.

What Does Mean Hand Rejuvenation?

The skin on our hands reveals signs of aging just as much as our facial skin. The fat layer on the hand skin loses volume as we get older. As a result of volume loss, structures such as bones, tendons and veins become more prominent on the skin surface. This is how the translucent and wrinkled appearance is built on the skin surface of the hand.

And this is called hand ageing.

Hand rejuvenation treatments can provide a youthful appearance for the hands using the same skin care procedures designed to rejuvenate the face.

How to Make Your Hands Look Younger?

Treatments for hand rejuvenation aim to improve the appearance of the hand by reducing wrinkles and age spots.

A variety of techniques may be used and the best one for you will be determined during your consultation.

Hyaluronic acid injection, plasma treatment, hydroxyapatite fillers and radio frequency micro needling are suitable for hand rejuvenation.

How Does It Work?

With micro injection or cannula hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid is given to skin layer. In radio frequency treatments energy given will partially denaturate the collagen.

It will end up with new collagen formation.

What Are the Effect of Hand Renewal Treatment?

  • The skin texture will gain volume; it will be tightened and rejuvenated.
  • Fine wrinkles are removed.
  • Pigmentation and dark spots will decrease
  • Shiny and bright skin

How Long Does Hand Rejuvenation Last?

Rejuvenation will last up to 1 year.

Every year the treatment may be refreshed to maintain the effect.

How Much Does Hand Rejuvenation Cost?

The cost of your hand rejuvenating treatment largely depends on the type of procedure chosen to enhance the appearance of the hands. Many medical institutions offer combination procedures to help solve various problems with the hands at the same time.

If you want to have a younger and smoother hand surface, please contact us and get information about special prices for your treatment.

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