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Anti-Aging Miracle: Glutathione

Antioxidants protects our cells from harmful effects. Antioxidants produced by cells may be decrease due to some factors, such as malnutrition, toxins, stress and age. The most powerful antioxidant, called glutathione, are made of three main amino acids; glutamine, glycine, cysteine. Amino acids are produced naturally by the body or can be given to the body in different ways.

Review the details of this miraculous therapy to choose the right methods, or taking the free consultation right now and take the first step for transformation in your life.

What is Glutathione Used for?

Glutathione may be considered as one of the option that supports the body to be healthier. It is a reliable treatment solution for many diseases, especially skin problems, autism, liver diseases and insulin resistance.

How Does Glutathione Therapy Work?

After the age of 30s production of the glutathione by our body may not be enough and need to be completed externally.

Glutathione acts as a shield against environmental factors caused by urban life. Air pollution, heavy metal accumulation in our body can be eliminated by glutathione therapy.

What Diseases is Glutathione Injection used for?

There are many different area glutathione used for. Here you can see a list of main diseases you can get health benefit from glutathione effect.

  • Liver Diseases

Liver diseases affect our health quality. Glutathione is beneficial to reverse the harmful effect of alcohol and hepatitis on liver. You can admit to our clinic for a powerful liver.

  • Insulin Resistance

It is revealed that increase glutathione level is related with insulin resistance treatment. Many studies have been conducted on the effect of glutathione for insulin resistance treatment.

  • Anti-aging Solution

The aging effects like wrinkles and sagging make us feel unhappy. Glutathione is one of the option to reverse the effect of aging on the skin. It will help you to get a healthy body.

  • Autism

Autism is one of the serious problem seen in the childhood. Glutathione is also very important treatment option for autism.

What are the best way to get glutathione?

The half-life of glutathione is very short. Oral replacement treatments may not provide enough glutathione health benefits because of the low bioavailability. Glutathione effects will be maximum in IV form.

What are the Benefits of Glutathione IV?

Glutathione benefits are multi-domain and these benefits have many strong functions in the body. Please check main effects below and discover the special glutathione miracles in your body.

  • Production of DNA
  • Protein production and cell renewal
  • Immune booster
  • Helpful for sperm cell production
  • Decrease harmful free radicals
  • Supports the enzymes in our body
  • Prevents mercury accumulation in the brain
  • Prevents nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Provides programmatic support of cell death

Glutathione benefits will appear after 4-5 sessions. It is recommended to get glutathione once weekly.

What Does Glutathione Do to your Skin?

Glutathione for skin benefits is also very common use. It will lighten your skin. After glutathione treatment you feel that your skin is shining and bright.

Optimal dose for glutathione therapy is 600 mg after the 3rd session the dose will be titrated to 1200 mg. Glutathione dosage for skin whitening is 1200 mg. as well.

Is There Any Side Effects of Glutathione?

Glutathione does not have any specific side effect. It acts like a vitamin or mineral supplement.

Patients with high blood pressure should inform their physician for it.

What is the cost of Glutathione?

For glutathione cost please contact our clinic.






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