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Acne Scars

Enhance Skin Shine: Acne Scar Treatments

Skin has small holes called pores which can be blocked by oil, bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt. Blocked holes cause acne, black points and pimples formation over time. Acne can affect people of all ages and may cause acne scar at different levels depending on skin types.

As Miaclinics, we offer effective and reliable treatments that reduce acne scars types.

What Are The Acne Scars and Dark Points?

Acne scars are wrong remodeling of skin tissue followed by acne formation. It is caused by impaired collagen formation. Unless, it is treated it may last in the skin forever. Although there are many acne scar products, most of them are not effective enough.

Are Acne Scars Same with Hyperpigmentation?

High quality collagen produced by our body is usually bright. If there is a hyperpigmentation in the skin we can predict that the collagen level is decreased in that area. Following acne also the collagen in the region is not regular and it seems dark.

Aging and sun exposure also cause skin hyperpigmentation.

Do Acne Scars Eventually Go Away?

We should keep in mind that acne scars removal is a not a short process. Regarding the treatment we will choose it may last between 2 to 8 sessions. If we use combination treatments like acne scar microneedling and radiofrequency we can get rid of it in 2-5 sessions. If we use only micro needling it will last around 8 sessions.These treatments that partially unbuilt the collagen and helps new collagen formation, have permanent results.

On the other hand, we don’t recommend filler treatments for acne scars since they give temporary solution.

What is the Acne Scar Best Treatment?

Profound RF is the latest technology advanced skin remodeling method. In one session it may provide around 50% improvement in acne scars and dark spot treatment.

Morpheus 8 RF is the other option for advanced skin rejuvenation. 2-3 sessions may be needed. You can expect around 70% reduction in scars after 3 sessions.

Combination with plasma therapy will boost the effect.

What are the Benefits of Acne Scar Treatment?

Would you like to experience the several benefits of the treatment method? Long-term treatments also bring many positive results such as:

  • Remove deep pitting
  • Gradual improvement
  • Safe for all skin and scar types
  • Smooth skin
  • Fresh looking face
  • Balanced skin color
  • Tightened skin

To make your skin much healthier and get rid of scars, please contact our clinic and get free consultation opportunity.

Is There Any Side Effects?

Acne scar needle treatment side effects are temporary like redness, bruising, dryness and peeling. It is secondary to skin rejuvenation.

For the patients who have permanent or silicon filler radiofrequency treatment is not applicable. If you have impaired wound healing like keloid or hypertrophic scar, the treatment may not be applied.

How Much Does Acne Scar Treatment Cost?           

The cost of treatment varies according the size of the treatment area and the number of sessions you need.

The treatments with less sessions are more expensive. The treatments with many sessions are more affordable.

For customized pricing please contact our clinic.


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